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Introducing the first replacement for Apple and Google’s Location Managers

Advanced Location Manager

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Our SDK allows developers to harness the power of location technology to dramatically improve their mobile applications.

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Our App utilizes the SDK, allowing people to connect online and meet in the real world like never before.

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Imagine A World With Real, Useful Location Capabilities

  • Mar 29 2014
    SocialRadar takes networking up a notch by pairing your location data with your social networks and sharing information about whoever is around you, in real time, so you can make loose connections strong ones.
  • Nov 11 2014
    Mobile user segmentation is a competitive market as well, with a number of services that allow developers to dive into an app’s user demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), interests, context, time/time of day, and other app-specific events. But if SocialRadar’s promises of better location accuracy and reduced battery drain hold true, it could find footing in the location-based app niche within that broader market.
  • Jan 30 2014
    In addition to greater awareness of who is around you, SocialRadar can also be used to plan outings with friends, meet new people with relevant interests, remember how you know somebody you encounter, and for effective networking.